Sur les paves de Paris

From Paris with love

Dans mon regard, Paris est un carte postale. Sauf quand je rentre dans le métro et qu’un vieux monsieur me balance un journal à la tête à Châtelet ! Goujat !

Allez, bon week-end !

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Interview for Le Choix Trois ! Thanks a lot !


LE CHOIX d’ Olivine

Hurray! A new Le Choix has arrived! And this week it is the talented Olivine who made the tough decision of picking her forever, favourite three items. Olivine is the face behind Sur les pavés de Paris (‘on the cobblestones of Paris’), a beautiful blog full of amazing pictures taken by Olivine. Like a true French girl, Olivine enjoys great food, so next to cool outfits you’ll see mouth-watering pictures and honest stories of restaurants and cafes she has visited.

Olivine has started her blog only three months ago, just like me, and is one of my first followers on the web. Forever Merci! She loves to takes pictures and discovered photography through her grandfather’s old reflex camera. She decided to buy a modern one (a Nikon D3000) to take more pictures. Through her blog she just wants to share her pictures, her dreams and the way she looks at things: Paris, art, her clothes, her holidays, her favorite cafés, etc.

If you love French style, you’ll love Olivine’s blog who describes her personal style as a mixture of preppy, cool, flat shoes, and French!

Queues, rainy days and high heels belong to her list of dislikes, but she did pick a pair of heels for her Le Choix. Curious to see more? Here it is!

1. My beige high heels by Enzo Angiolini

I was looking for beige shoes like these, so when I saw them it was love at first sight! They are perfect! I don’t often wear high heels because I walk a lot and because the streets of Paris and Lille (where I study) are not always very flat, because of the pavés :-). They are the first expensive shoes I bought myself, so it’s sentimental I picked these!

2. My carré Hermès

I love my Hermès scarf. It’s so versatile. I wear it as a top, as a belt, or simply as a scarf. Easy! (Spoken like true French girl! -LCT). My mother chose it for me. I just said that I wanted something blue. The print of this carré is really beautiful: it’s an old boat on the sea with some instruments of navigation. I really love boats and Brittany (La Bretagne) because I used to going there very often when I was a child. I have another little Hermès scarf, which was a gift from my boyfriend. It is purple with Indian drawings. It is very tiny, so I don’t often wear it. One day I almost lost it, so I’m very careful these days.

3. My navy jacket

I love navy blue and jackets, so this is a perfect combo. I had so many problems to buy this one. None of the Zaras in Lille accepted my Visa when I tried to purchase it! But thankfully it worked in the end and now the jacket is mine!

Place Furstenberg, Saint Germain des Prés

And welcome to my new followers ! 

Have a nice summer !